Effective platforms to use with airport purposes

  1. Travelling platforms that can scan your passport

The United Airlines has recently made an update for their app to include the ability of scanning passengers’ passports via only the phone cameras. In spite of the fact that there have been a lot of airports which allow passengers to do similar tasks, this mobile app is claimed to be the pioneer of its kind.

In terms of operation, this passport scanning app works similarly to how you would be capable of making transactions or deposit with your VISA card through a smart device. Passengers are provided with 24 hours to scan their passports with this application before departing so that another party service will have enough time to confirm the identity of the travelers. As soon as the identity is confirmed, a passenger will be able to board and go on their flights. Thanks to the app, users are now having the ability to check the last boarding time for their flights so there would be no rushing traveler at all.

  1. Beacons that help keep track of luggage

Understanding the problem that you may feel really worried when you are separated from your luggage, this BeeQyn platform is designed to be a luggage tracker which can take your nerves away. In spite of the fact that there is a baggage tag which is similar to a bee to define your own item, this attachment integrated with high technology is able to function more than what you can imagine. More precisely, this tracker works together with an accompanying platform to notify you the time your bags will arrive. What is more, as soon as the luggage of customers is going close to them, this BeeQyn tracker is able to make your phone vibrate in order to let you know. For the reason that passengers can not depend only on airport notifications to make sure that their bags will arrive at the place they need to, this solution puts everything at more ease.

  1. Airport navigation with beacon technology

An airport in San Francisco is taking advantage of beacon technology for their navigation system whose major purpose is to guide those with disabilities of sight. This system is responsible for determining the location of those passengers and then providing them with voice directions via their smart devices for such information as boarding gates, food courts or other stores.

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