Cleaning your house is no longer touring with technology

  1. Pet vacuums without using any cords

Black Plus Decker has recently introduced to the public its newest pet vacuum collection in which there is an impressive new robot vacuum named PET 2IN1 CORDLESS LITHIUM STICK VACUUM. As it comes from the name, there is no need of using cords for this device.

In spite of the fact that there have been a huge number of vacuums on the current market which are specifically designed to take off pet fur, they are only full-sized vacuums and require a lot of power as well as suction, which is rather inconvenient. On the other hand, this new one is different from others as it is integrated with smart technology to be a simple solution. Users can take advantage of this device around their home while they do not have to attach it into any outlet.

What is more, this cordless item comes with a large department used for gathering dirt or debris and also a really powerful suction which can help users lift up cat litter.

  1. Intelligent vacuum robots for your smart home

The vacuum robot named MI from the big brand Xiaomi is an innovative item for your smart home coming with a design for both efficiency and carefulness. With regards to operation, this vacuum moves around your house through the support of a Mapping technology whose major purpose is to find the most effective way to clean all spaces. This is considered to be the most convenience which you rarely find from other similar vacuum robots.

Each time of charging will provide your vacuum with about 2,5 hours of cleaning. Thanks to the laser distance sensor, your robot will be able to scan the area in a 360-degree manner and clean as fast as 1800 times every second, a surprising figure, right?

Finally, this robot can be managed effortlessly through an accompany platform so that you can set up starting time, or other schedules as well as checking its working results.

  1. Robot vacuums activated by voice assistant

The unique robot vacuum named Roomba 890 is an ideal option for your flat as it is an intelligent solution that works to make sure that your floors are always clean without even a very little dirt. This comes with the support from Amazon Alexa so you can start or stop to use it through your voice.

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